Global Durability (*)


This convention extends the functionality of the Common Trait Convention by providing a syntax for "custom durability" which can be useful for datapacks that add tools that have durability.


The convention uses the ctc tag from the Common Trait Convention, as follows:

    ctc: {
        tool: {
            damage: 0,
            durability: 0,
            broken: false


  • damage is the current damage of the tool, functionally the same as vanilla's Damage tag counterpart.
  • durability is the maximum durability of the tool or the maximum damage the tool can take.
  • broken is a boolean specifying whether the item is "broken" (i.e. Broken Elytra). This tag can be used in the case where you don't want to destroy the item when it runs out of durability.


The convention only enforces where the tag should be, it does not enforce the method by which you reduce durability. It also does not require that you have to keep damage and the vanilla Damage tag in sync.