Certified Datapacks

  • Datapacks that have followed the bare metal Tier 3 conventions are allowed to use this banner

  • Datapacks that have followed the Tier 3 conventions and All of style guideline in the Style Guideline section can use this banner.

Certified Datapacks have the benefit that they are guaranteed to be compatible with other datapacks.

Social Media

We have created an "official tag" for various platform that you can include to indicate that your content is certified.

You must not use these tags in an attempt to appear as certified if your datapack is not certified!

The following tags should be self-explanatory but if you feel that it isn't, please report this.

  • GitHub: mcdp-certified and mcdp-quality
  • Twitter: #CertifiedMCDatapack and #QualityMCDatapack
  • PlanetMinecraft: mcdp_certified and mcdp_quality

We also have the official account on these platform as well: