Minecraft Datapacks is a community-driven Minecraft server about datapacks.

But datapacks are prone to conflicts, which means we need a way to ensure compatibility between many datapacks to create a stable and friendly datapack ecosystem.


How we are going to do it

To achieve this, we decide to create the Datapack Conventions, which will help improve compatibility between datapacks.


If you wish to contribute to this project, you can do it via this Github repository.

As of right now, there are 3 types of contribution: Grammar Contributions, Tips Contributions and Convention Contributions.

  1. A Grammar Contribution is a simple grammar correction pull-request. Anyone can make this contribution if they notice grammar errors.
  2. A Tips Contribution is a contribution to the "tips" section of this repository, similar to Grammar Contributions you need to make a pull-request and wait for the approval.
  3. A Convention Contribution is a contribution to the "conventions" section of this repository. To contribute to the conventions, please read the below section.

Convention Contribution

To contribute to the official conventions, you must first create an issue with the Convention Suggestion label in this format:

  1. explanation of the convention.
  2. explanation on how to implement it.
  3. explanation of why it should be added.

After that, we will discuss it, modify it, then vote on whether to add it or not. If the vote passed, you can then submit a pull-request and wait for the approval.

Becoming Datapack Reviewer

While the process for selecting a reviewer has not been finalized yet, you can contact Boomber#5154 inside discord.